breeding program

In August 2023, our ranch was blessed with the addition of three foundation bred Quarter Horse stallions. These stallions are the culmination of 60 yrs work in preserving the work of Hank Wiescamp and continuing to develop the Skipper W line of American Quarter Horses. We are proud to offer our stallions this spring to select mares. All proceeds from our breeding program and ranch sales go directly to support our therapeutic equine program at My Father’s Arrows. For more information about our program, call 850-359-4034 or email us at [email protected].

Sheer Sherlock Holmes

Son of the amazing “Sheer Classic”. Stunning Weiscamp breeding. He’s got it all, the looks, the build, the brains.

Stud fee $500
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Scottish Bay Bonanza

Another son of the amazing “Sheer Classic”. Skipper W breeding. Flashy color, easy to handle, and willing to please.

Stud fee $500
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