My Father's Arrows

We educate the community on the children’s needs, recruit more caregivers and advocates for the children, and procure child-specific resources to help them reach their maximum potential.

Our Children’s Home, affectionately called “Mama’s House”, is a safe, loving, trauma-informed Christian home. My Father’s Arrows is registered with The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies as a Type II child- caring agency under Florida Statue 409.176. “Mama’s House” is a private placement children’s home for boys and girls ages 0-17 who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, rejected, or are otherwise struggling with the impact of their traumatic experiences. These children are often struggling with negative behaviors, rebellion, academic issues, and dysfunctional attachments. We provide the 24 hour supervision, high structure, and low relational pressure that the children of trauma need in order to thrive. We utilize the TBRI model of parenting with focus on faithfully meeting the needs behind behaviors. We provide consistency in responding to behaviors with correction based on Christian values while making the world small for the children in a comfortable, residential farmstead setting. We focus on educational excellence, spiritual growth, and a healthy lifestyle with an abundance of recreation.

By targeting the high risk, high volume population of children impacted by trauma and the foster care system, and focusing on meeting this group’s most critical needs, MFA is creating systemic change that not only impacts the youth served, but also the community at large.

Hope to the hopeless.  Care to the lonely.  Compassion to the broken.  Love to the invisible.

My Father's Arrows

4025 County Road 178
Jay, Florida 32565
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