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Protection & Healing

As a group of trauma-informed caregivers, we help children heal by providing a unique place for them to feel safe from suffering or harm.

Education & Support

We provide stable environments that facilitate increased school performance by providing high structure and low pressure.

Build Character

We instill Christian values that build spiritual and behavioral growth.


We focus on a healing lifestyle in order to help children and parents thrive.


“Before I came to MFA, I was the lying, disrespectful and unworthy of trust type of teen.  I came from a drug infested home to a loving foster home, to getting separated from my sister, and most of all, disowned by my biological father.  Living without a father was the most terrifying thing in my world at the time.  Then one thing clicked in my head… I needed to find a place that really loves and care for me like a mother and father should.  By coming to My Father’s Arrows, my attitude and lifestyle has changed.  I got Jesus and He changed me for good.  I’m going to have a great life and give my children what I never had.”  

MFA Alumni


My Father's Arrows

4025 County Road 178
Jay, Florida 32565
Phone  (850) 675-4403
Email  info@myfathersarrows.org

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 3:00pm