Jason and Sarah Ellis have grown up in the rural agricultural area of northern Santa Rosa county and have been horse and livestock owners for more than 30 years.  They grew up riding horses and working with cattle and know the value of farm/ranch life for children.  As Jason and Sarah grew their family and became active foster parents, they began to see the need for a simple, rural, therapeutic, trauma-informed home for children.  With the inception of My Father’s Arrows, land was purchased in northern Santa Rosa County and MFA began to come alive.    

As the history of the land was explored, it was discovered that the Spanish Trail (the trail in which the road running parallel to the ranch property is named) ran through this area, which the Creek Indians used to scout buffalo.  Eventually the Creek Indians assimilated with the white settlers and the descendants of that union were the Elliots and the Ellises.  The Elliot family homesteaded this land in the 1830’s and are known in this area for developing the Elliot pecan tree.  Jaso​n and Sarah are part of the aforementioned Ellis descendants that founded MFA and Double E Heritage Ranch.      

As MFA continues to grow, so does the vision of Jason and Sarah Ellis.  The Ellis family is promoting the conservation of ranch and farm lands, our American farming and ranching legacy, and quality of life for people living and working on farms and ranches through innovative and sustainable opportunities.  At the same time they are providing children affected by trauma the benefits of a fully immersed in farm/ranch life, a reflection of a simpler time, away from the pressures of social media and worries of political agendas.  Kids can be kids here.

In order to meet the continuously growing needs of My Father's Arrows, Jason and Sarah have expanded the services offered under the umbrella of MFA.  In 2021 they were able to purchase an additional 268 acres of land (for a total of 288 acres) to begin the master plan of developing an agricultural business to help support the primary goals of MFA including: a working ranch, garden, agritourism, family oriented equine activities and a general store.  Below you will see the first three branches of that agricultural business:  horse sponsorship, the horse breeding program, and the merchandise we currently have for sale.