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New Milton Thrift Store is Now OPEN!

We grew, we moved! We are so thankful for our new, larger location. Our new mailing address is: PO BOX 48, Milton, FL 32572. Our new physical location is: 6606 Elva St, Milton, FL 32572. Our site hours are: Mon-Fri 10a-6p, Sat 8a-3p, closed Sunday’s.

We are no longer accepting donations at the Berrydale location as we are preparing to move the donation box toward Jay. As soon as it is in place, we will post here. We are already accepting donations at our new location in Milton. We are unable to do donation pick ups at this time, and welcome […]

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We Are Opening Our First Thrift Store in Milton, FL!

We are so pleased to announce that we will be opening our first thrift store very soon!!! It’s located in Milton, on Elva street, where the former Habitat Restore business was.  Do you know where Hall’s Hardware is? Then you know where our new location is. It’s just a block behind it.

Why is this such an important announcement?

  1. We have outgrown our current space. Our new location is 10,000 sq feet on 1 1/2 fenced acres with great parking in the heart of Milton.
  2. It’s part of our sustainability plan. You know, you can build a beautiful children’s home, but you have […]
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Setting Realistic Expectations in Foster Care

Here is a great article about setting realistic expectations and handling the challenges that are certain to come along when working with foster kids.

Setting Realistic Expectations in Foster Care by Jason Weber

One of our daughters broke her arm this week going down a slide (or rather falling off a slide). She is 11-years-old and is the thrill-seeker in the family.  Shortly after her first birthday, she’d found a way to climb up on the kitchen counters (to feast on the leftovers of a large sheet cake).  She was jumping off of the diving board at 3 (don’t worry […]

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Six Questions to Ask Before Adopting

Below is a recent article from about whether adoption is right for you.

Six Questions to Ask Before Adopting by Paul and Robin Pennington, founders of Hope for Orphans.


#1 Do you desire to have (or to have more) biological children but feel guilty because there are so many orphans who need families?

This is a big red flag because God’s word makes it clear that His plan was for biological children to be the result of becoming one flesh. It is a natural God-given desire to have biological children, which is a blessing.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a […]

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Adoption Changes Get Unanimous Senate Suppport

Great news!  Hopefully these changes can get implemented quickly!

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – The state’s Senate unanimously approved a bill aimed at allowing judges to take the “best interests” of children into account when making adoption decisions.

Sponsor Nancy Detert said current law allows biological parents to influence where their children will be placed in adoption cases. She said her bill would change the law to let judges consider the best interests of children.  Read More…

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25 Ways to Nurture Hurt Children

Check out this article on adopting a child at an older age.  It is a must read!

25 Ways to Nurture Hurt Children

The coauthors of Parenting the Hurt Child offer 25 ways parents can nurture a child adopted at an older age and begin the bonding and attachment cycle.

The attachment cycle is as simple as it is profound. When it goes the way it’s supposed to, […]

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