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What can I do?

Hello everyone, Caroline Klages, My Father’s Arrows Director of Outreach here.

People often say to me, “I want to help foster children, but I don’t want to be a foster parent right now. Is there something else I can do?”

My answer is always, “Yes! Do you like to cook?”

Right now we are recruiting cooks for the My Father’s Arrows Casserole Ministry. You make a casserole. We freeze it and give it to a foster family that has accepted a new child, has an illness in their family, or is simply overwhelmed because they […]

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The Body of Christ

Recently, I was reading the verses in Corinthians about the different parts of the Church body.  I have always related these verses to how people have different gifts and talents and how one person should not think of themselves as less than another because all the parts are necessary and work together to accomplish great things.  Today I saw these verses with different eyes.  In verse 22 the Bible says, “Those parts that seem to be weaker are indispensable,” and verse 25 and 26 says, “There should be no division in the body, […]

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Here I am. Lord, send me!

I was reading Isaiah 6:8 the other day and was wondering if I could just say, “Here I am. Lord, send me!” I want to do what He is calling me to do and say.  I volunteer at My Fathers Arrows, and it has changed my life.  The way everyone is working on a common goal for Jesus Christ is amazing!

We are looking for people who would like to serve at My Father’s Arrows on a short term mission.  Live on campus with us and help take care of God’s children.  Serving […]

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2017 Sasquatch Trail Run

November 4, 2017
8am at Bear Lake in Milton, Florida
$25 for adults and $15 for kids age 14 and under
($35 for adults after Oct. 1st)

Click Here to Register Online

Foster kids and their families run free. Please contact MFA for details.

Run or walk the Bear Lake trail (approximately 4 miles) through the woods, but be careful! There have been reports of Sasquatch in the area. Find out if you can make the loop without being spooked by Big Foot.

Pancake […]

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What an on time gift!


What an on-time gift! Understanding that back to school shopping is especially stressful for foster parents, Child Guardians, Inc. donated $500 in school supplies and backpacks that will be kept for kids who come into foster care after school starts! All the foster parents have to do is come to the My Father’s Arrows Thrift Store to get their free  school supplies, clothing and shoes and their new kids will be set for school.  A HUGE thank you to Steve Allen, Mary Bush, Kaffey Hinds and the entire CGI Board for your wonderful generosity!

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MFA Thrift Store Back to School Bag Sale!

The My Father’s Arrows Thrift Store –6606 Elva Street, Milton– is having a Back to School $5 Bag Sale.  Fill your bag with clothing of any size or description– except scrubs– for only $5.  Now is the time to fill the gaps in everyone’s back to school wardrobe and save in your budget.  Sale going on this week, Tues, Thurs, and Friday.  Come see us!

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No Cost Ways to Help us Out!

These are little ways you can help My Father’s Arrows, INC. make a big difference with no added cost to you

1. Pray!

2. Donate! We gladly accept donations at our retail store 6606 Elva Street, Milton, FL 32570

3. Volunteer- Call our volunteer coordinator Michele Cornelius at 850-723-9900 to find out how you can make a difference!

4. Drop off BOX TOP$ FOR EDUCATION at our retail store

Box Tops

Food items that you use may have a printed or electronic code on them. Generally they’ll look as pictured above. Clip them and send them; your support for […]

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Doing Good in Santa Rosa County, a PNJ Article

A recent article in the Pensacola News Journal by Clairon Reese about My Father’s  Arrows!

We live in an amazing community for a number of reasons; not only for its beauty and quality of life, but most of all for its people. Good and caring people who give their all to help others.

There is no lack of local nonprofit organizations whose goal it is to serve those in need. It is through the efforts of such groups and people like ourselves that we can continue to make a positive difference. Learn more about the many options available for you […]

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My Father’s Arrows in the News! Thank you Navarre Press.

Great article in a recent issue of the Navarre Press.  Thank you for helping us spread the word!

My Father’s Arrows expands assistance to families in need

You cannot run from a calling from God.

That’s what founder of My Father’s Arrows thrift store Sarah Ellis says.

Back in 2013, she said […]

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