Meet Our Team

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Our Valuable Team Members

Sarah Ellis
Sarah EllisFounder
Sarah is a founder of My Father’s Arrows. A visionary with constant open arms for children, she firmly believes that children are a blessing from God. She’s been a Registered Nurse for 18 years, which has provided an abundance of experience in leadership. Her most recent professional work has been as Director of Quality Assurance and Risk Management in home health care. The Ellis’ have served as foster-adoptive parents for 15 years, specializing in substance exposed children. In addition, Sarah is a trainer and resource foster parent for Families First Network. She enjoys country living, music, sewing and crafts, and farm related activities. Sarah is passionate about orphan care, and her heart’s desire is to see that every orphan gets a family to love them.
Jason Ellis
Jason EllisFounder
Jason Ellis has an eye for detail and a faithful, serving heart, that is a blessing to our ministry. Jason has 15 years foster-adoptive parenting experience. Jason has been a nurse for 11 years, specializing in pulmonary medicine. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and archery, and always has one of his children at his side. When he’s not at work, he can often be found on a tractor in the garden and fields of Jay. We are so thankful for his leadership.
Anica Padgett
Anica PadgettDirector of Press Relations
Anica is committed to serving and supporting foster children and their families. She and her husband have been married for 21 years. They have three wonderful children and have served as foster parents. While they currently wait to foster again, Anica continues her involvement in foster/adoptive care by utilizing her background in mass media. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of West Florida. She has worked in television, print, and public relations and hopes to use these skills to connect the surrounding community to the mission of hope we have here at My Father’s Arrows.
Caroline Klages
Caroline KlagesDirector of Outreach
Caroline and her husband George were licensed foster parents for four years and adopted two sons. Shortly afterward, Caroline joined the local community based care agency for our four county area. While there, Caroline worked briefly as the Foster Parent Recruiter and spent the next 11 years providing support to foster families in Escambia and Santa Rosa county as a Foster Parent Liaison. Caroline enjoys teaching, writing, finding resources and connecting local community members with volunteer opportunities. A veteran, Caroline has worked in Public Relations, Marketing, Community Development and fund raising both in the Air Force and in the Pensacola community. We are so blessed to have Caroline in our MFA family, connecting resources to the children who need them.
Marybeth Slade
Marybeth SladeVolunteer Coordinator
Marybeth is a proud mother of 3 girls, and spends most of her time running them to school, gymnastics, church, and ballgames. She and her girls have been volunteers at MFA since it’s inception, and she helps keep us all together. Marybeth feels like every day is a blessing and an adventure for her. She says, “MFA has given me so much. I can see God’s hands and feet every day.” She makes us smile every day, and is a favorite of all the children who meet her. A shy one, when asked for a picture for the website, Marybeth said, “a daisy will do.”
Bonnie Piatt
Bonnie PiattController
Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, Bonnie has been married to Frank for 30 years, and they are the proud parents of 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. She has always been mission minded, and has been involved in ministry with children since 1999. In 2015, she decided to quit working so that she could do more traveling with her husband. This has given her the freedom to do more ministry work. She has served with a non-profit called The Mothers Nest in Ohio and now that she is in Florida, God has lead her to My Fathers Arrows. She feels so blessed to have a part in this amazing ministry to shepherd these children and give them a safe and loving environment. We are blessed to have Bonnie on our team!
Zach Reinhart
Zach ReinhartChairman of Youth Advisory Council
Zach is a young man full of talent! His time in foster care taught him the importance of giving the youth in foster care a voice. He truly wants to help as many children as possible through empowerment by making sure that no child goes unheard. Zach’s work with the Youth Advisory Council will ensure that MFA always has the foster children’s needs and desires at heart. We look forward to working with Zach and this energetic group of young people.
CoCoService Dog In-Training
Coco is a very special member of the family. She is our service dog in-training. Coco is being trained to respond to specific behaviors caused by trauma. Her tasks include interruption, deep pressure, creating personal space, and alerting adults. She is 2 years old, and she loves her kids! Coco is a standard chocolate poodle. She is very smart, and so much fun to be around.