Mama’s House – a REAL home, a REAL family, to glorify a REAL LIVING GOD!

My Fathers Arrows > Mama’s House – a REAL home, a REAL family, to glorify a REAL LIVING GOD!

Situated on 20 rural acres, our Children’s Home,affectionately called “Mama’s House”, is for boys and girls from hard places, ranging in age from birth to 17. This property not only has our Children’s Home, but also a Farm and School for the children. Intuitively old fashioned, “Mama’s House” reminds us all of that safe place that brings us comfort and makes us feel welcome. The goal of “Mama’s House” is healing, stability, and sanctuary for the children and families we serve. “Mama’s House” provides a nurturing, loving Christian home to vulnerable children until it is safe and healthy for them to return to their families, until they find their forever adoptive homes, or until they are ready for independence as equipped young adults.

Our small, private, trauma-informed school, Veritas Mission Academy” is a great place for little ones who may have fallen behind, have negative feelings toward the school setting, or struggle with their behaviors as they deal with their current trauma. Our caring teachers are committed to helping the children develop positivity and self-confidence in their academics, as they focus on the individual child’s learning needs. We understand that people have different learning styles, and we believe that education can be fun.

Our farm is another piece of our holistic, trauma-informed sanctuary. Not only does the farm produce healthy foods for our children, but it also provides a therapeutic environment where children thrive. In addition to the horticulture, we also have some animals on the farm. Horses, goats, chickens, and our friendly service dog, Coco, bring many smiles and comfort to the children with hurting hearts. We know that animals, sunshine, and a healthy garden can bring so much joy and comfort to children, and we love watching them grow in it.