COVID-19 has pushed many families into crisis situations. Parents and caregivers are contacting us every day, desperately reaching out for help.

My Father’s Arrows is seeing a dramatic increase in children needing a place to call home, and we are in the process of taking in children whose families need help. Because it’s harder to go shopping for essentials with purchasing and availability limits, supplies are running low much more quickly than normal. In addition, we’ve had to temporarily close our thrift store. Financial contributions have declined during this time, but our responsibilities are increasing.  It’s tough times for everyone, but we want to continue to help.

Do you know what we really need? Your prayers.

Will you please take a minute right now to pray through the following critical prayer requests:

  • Pray for the children and families that we serve.
  • Pray over our finances
  • Pray that our Father will make a way for us to care for all the    children that He would have us nurture and train in His way.

God is loving and faithful, and He hears our prayers. We are believing for His provision. Thank you for so faithfully supporting My Father’s Arrows. If you’re able give a gift to help meet these critical needs and help us care for these precious children during this very difficult time, we are so grateful for your generosity.

Trusting in Christ,

Sarah Ellis

Executive Director

My Father’s Arrows