We anticipate an incredible 2018! Countless hours, faithful prayers, and hard work have been poured into My Father’s Arrows to be a real home for the orphan. A vital part of this journey is to fully equip our staff and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with foster families and children living at Mama’s House, you will need to be present at a very important meeting. The meeting will take place March 10, 2018, 5pm at Mama’s House located at 4025 Hwy 178, Jay, FL 32565.

We will begin promptly at 5pm as we have a great deal of information to share and training to complete. Children are welcome. We will have a fellowship meal following the meeting. If you would like to stay for fellowship, please RSVP for dinner by March 7th by calling the office at 850-675-4403 or sign up online using the link below.

RSVP for Dinner

We look forward to seeing you! Please feel free to bring a friend.