Here I am. Lord, send me!

Here I am. Lord, send me!

I was reading Isaiah 6:8 the other day and was wondering if I could just say, “Here I am. Lord, send me!” I want to do what He is calling me to do and say.  I volunteer at My Fathers Arrows, and it has changed my life.  The way everyone is working on a common goal for Jesus Christ is amazing!

We are looking for people who would like to serve at My Father’s Arrows on a short term mission.  Live on campus with us and help take care of God’s children.  Serving even for a small amount of time can change your life and the life of a child.

Please contact me if you hear the call of God, so you can say “Here I am. Lord, Send Me!”

Marybeth Slade     (850)675-4403


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