Doing Good in Santa Rosa County, a PNJ Article

Doing Good in Santa Rosa County, a PNJ Article

A recent article in the Pensacola News Journal by Clairon Reese about My Father’s  Arrows!

We live in an amazing community for a number of reasons; not only for its beauty and quality of life, but most of all for its people. Good and caring people who give their all to help others.

There is no lack of local nonprofit organizations whose goal it is to serve those in need. It is through the efforts of such groups and people like ourselves that we can continue to make a positive difference. Learn more about the many options available for you to become a part of the goodness.

One such local organization got its start from a higher calling. My Father’s Arrows is a lovely new thrift store which has recently opened in the former Habitat Restore location in Milton. The local, nonprofit charity helps children in foster care by educating the community on the children’s needs; by recruiting more caregivers and advocates for the children; and by procuring child-specific resources to help them reach their maximum potential.

My Father’s Arrows is the brainchild of long-time registered nurse Sarah Ellis who is the CEO and president. She and her husband, Jason, love children and firmly believe that they are a blessing from God. They have six of their own and have served as foster-adoptive parents for 13 years, specializing in substance-abused children.

My Father’s Arrows serves orphans from newborn to 23 years of age in the Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama area with a focus on those who are determined as high risk or harder to place as well as sibling groups, minority groups and handicapped children.

As for the new thrift store itself, it is quite a blessing to all. Not only do the proceeds go toward helping the youngsters, the store also provides a great outlet for those seeking a nice, organized budget-friendly shopping outlet. The store operates strictly on volunteer labor and donations.

What will the store accept as far as donations? Just about everything. If you have merchandise you’d like to offer, give a quick call just to double-check whether it is acceptable. The shop not only wants to offer customers quality items, but it also costs money to dispose of unusable goods.

Stop by, check it out and shop ‘til you drop for a great cause. My Father’s Arrows is at 6606 Elva St. in Milton. Give a call at 490-1055.

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