My Father’s Arrows in the News! Thank you Navarre Press.

My Father’s Arrows in the News! Thank you Navarre Press.

Great article in a recent issue of the Navarre Press.  Thank you for helping us spread the word!

My Father’s Arrows expands assistance to families in need

You cannot run from a calling from God.

That’s what founder of My Father’s Arrows thrift store Sarah Ellis says.

Back in 2013, she said she was struck with the idea of creating a community to support foster families in the community by creating a group living facility, and the idea would not quit.

“When you are called to something and you know that you are, there’s no way you can get away from it,” she said. “In 2013 I asked what would it look like if I obeyed God? By 2014, I couldn’t even sleep anymore. I was up every night, because I knew I was running from a call.”

But that kind of undertaking costs quite a bit, and Ellis was starting with nothing.

“You can build a beautiful children’s home all day long, but if you don’t have a sustainability plan, it’s not responsible,” she said. “How are you going to pay the bills and take care of the kids that you serve?”

That’s where the My Father’s Arrows thrift store comes in.

“This store is part of the sustainability plan for the development that we are building so it’s fundraising for more licensed beds in circuit one and then fundraising for and sustaining this development,” she said.

The thrift store at 6606 Elva Street in Milton, Fla., is run entirely on volunteer labor and donations.

Ellis said the purpose is to provide assistance to foster children of all ages, especially those that are hardest to find placements for such as large sibling groups, those with disabilities and minorities.

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