We Are Opening Our First Thrift Store in Milton, FL!

We Are Opening Our First Thrift Store in Milton, FL!

We are so pleased to announce that we will be opening our first thrift store very soon!!! It’s located in Milton, on Elva street, where the former Habitat Restore business was.  Do you know where Hall’s Hardware is? Then you know where our new location is. It’s just a block behind it.

Why is this such an important announcement?

  1. We have outgrown our current space. Our new location is 10,000 sq feet on 1 1/2 fenced acres with great parking in the heart of Milton.
  2. It’s part of our sustainability plan. You know, you can build a beautiful children’s home, but you have to be able to pay the bills to care for the children. This is the next big step in fundraising for, and ultimately helping to sustain the children’s home.
  3. This will centralize resources for the kids we serve. Foster parents, caseworkers, and guardian ad litems will have access to our donations for the children we serve. This location will be a convenient pick up/drop off site for those wanting to serve.
  4. It gives our volunteers a better work space.
  5. It will create much needed jobs for the “aged out” foster teens that will help them be able to stay in extended foster care so they can continue to grow into the responsible, educated, productive young adults we know they can be.

We are SOOOOOO excited! We have lots of work to do so that we can offer clean, organized, affordable shopping to our community. Want to help us get this thing open or would you like to volunteer in the store? Send us a pm with your name an contact info and we will give you a call.

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