Mama’s House – a REAL home, a REAL family, to glorify a REAL LIVING GOD!

Mama’s House – a REAL home, a REAL family, to glorify a REAL LIVING GOD! 2017-12-11T21:24:01+00:00

“Mama’s House” refers to the hub home of our foster supportive residential community to remind all of us that it is a comfortable place where one can always feel at home. Our community is situated on 20 rural acres with a farmstead environment and is comprised of multiple private residential dwellings, a school, a farm, and administrative/support offices. Our community exists solely to support and equip licensed foster parents and their families. This support enables them to take in more children and children that are often difficult to place.

Missionaries desiring to serve orphans through foster care may apply, interview, and commit to a service time with MFA. If selected, they must be approved and licensed as foster parents by a state approved child welfare agency. The My Father’s Arrow’s staff and volunteers lighten the burdens that foster parents often face. MFA provides housing, food, clothing, resources, respite care, continued trauma training, and emotional support, all the while the foster parents devote their full attention to the nurturing and healing of their children. With the support of the community, our foster parents will be able to take in children who are often difficult to find homes for including children with mental or physical disabilities, older children, and children of large sibling groups.